What is Kubit?

A comprehensive solution based on the Kubernetes platform, fully managed, includes all the tools and processes needed by development teams and organizations, along with a complete set of cloud products for all-in-one integrated authentication, infrastructure management, and monitoring and alerting. It helps businesses to focus on their product development without any worries. It is possible to deploy Kubit on-premises, on the cloud, or hybrid.

Why choose us?

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    Without high availability, you have no reason to scale your business. Maintaining high availability is a difficult task. You can completely solve this problem with Kubit's fully-managed, automated and scalable Kubernetes platform with all required internal services and technical solutions, taking advantage of the help of Kubit's Site Reliability Engineers (SREs).

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    Speed Up Development

    It doesn't matter how scalable your application is; you cannot scale it if your development processes aren't structured to support it. Modern software cannot be created unless your development organization uses modern processes and procedures. You can entirely rely on Kubit's prebuilt solutions and services that covers the whole software development lifecycle.

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    Customer Orientation

    With Kubit's comprehensive monitoring and alerting system, see what is going on inside any stack, any service, at any scale, anywhere at any time before anyone else.

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    Product Vision

    Kubit's continuous innovation shapes your today's development needs, and supports your tomorrow product vision.

Our Company Values

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    We recruit people as interns of all experience levels & develop skills.

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    Kubit team is responsible 24/7 for any errors from the infrastructure servers.

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    We interact with different nationalities for regarding the infrastructure services.

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    Business goals are achieved as people can increase their skill development in teamwork.

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    We are committed to empathy, respect and growth of each other.

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    We update our products with creative & innovative ideas of the world trend.